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What We Make?

T-shirt Mockup

Custom T-shirts

Creating your custom shirt is an excellent means to express your creativity and identity. Custom T-shirts possess the ability to forge lasting memories, initiate new traditions, and bring together groups with a shared purpose.

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Custom Hoodie

We carefully select high-quality manufacturers from our hoodie supply chain to breathe life into your brand. Target a top-notch hoodie factory in China for collaborative partnerships, leveraging our professional industry resources.

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Custom Activewear

Low-quantity orders for custom activewear and apparel. Our textile expert is here to support you in creating bespoke gym clothes using a wide variety of fabrics, ensuring industrial-quality results.

Design of garment Customed Clothes

From Idea to Life

It’s not just about making garments; it’s about bringing your ideas to life, creating a bridge between imagination and the tangible, and ensuring that every garment is a testament to collaborative craftsmanship.

Quality Craftsmanship. Exceptional Services.

How We Make?

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Design Your Concept

Send us the tech pack or design, and we will collaborate with you to develop the concept. We will go through every detail of the tech pack and BOM, providing a clear picture of merchandising your product, defining knit materials and measurements, textiles, and sourcing materials for manufacturers. We’ll assist in transforming your vision into professional tech specifications for our workshop to follow.


Develop Your Product

From spinning yarn, weaving fabric, and dyeing, to the finished garment, it is a complete and smooth process. You only need to inform us of your fabric and design requirements, and we can knit the knitted clothing you desire. If you mail us the fabric, we can purchase the same fabric, or we can recommend purchasing a similar fabric to keep costs to a minimum. We will maintain close communication with you throughout the entire process of matching fabric and samples.

Weaving Mill Warehouse 1

Produce and Ship the Garment

We are committed to crafting and delivering custom knitwear that meets your exact specifications. At every stage of garment production, we control the quality to ensure contract manufacturing. We carefully recommend the best shipment options based on your location, expected time, and budget.

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About Knitwear OEM

Our Story

In 2022, 3,500 knitting and spinning enterprises, with 100,000 employees, exported to 100+ countries, positioning Nanchang as the world’s fourth-largest knitting and spinning apparel industry base. Join us in Qingshanhu, the global knitwear hub, where our commitment to quality, sustainability, and craftsmanship defines the very fabric of our story.

Our Supply Chain

Our Factory Workflow


In the first stage, we engage in the intricate process of weaving, creating high-quality fabrics that form the foundation for our products. This may involve the careful interlacing of threads to produce textiles with specific characteristics and properties.


Following weaving or sourcing, we move on to the dyeing phase. Whether it’s enhancing the color of woven fabrics or procuring pre-dyed materials, this step ensures vibrant and customized hues for our products. Our extensive dyeing options cater to a range of preferences and requirements.


Once we have the desired fabrics in the right colors, the cutting phase begins. Precision is key as we expertly shape and trim materials according to patterns. This ensures accurate and consistent components for the next stages of production.


The stitching process involves skillful craftsmanship as our experienced team sews the cut pieces together. Whether creating intricate patterns through embroidery or ensuring sturdy seams, this stage is crucial in bringing the product to life. Our sewing techniques contribute to the durability and aesthetics of the final items.


The final touch involves branding, where we add labels, marks, or any specified identification to distinguish and enhance the value of the finished products. This step allows for customization and branding options, such as labels, logos, or other distinctive features, tailored to meet our clients’ branding needs.

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